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The Floating Man (Excerpt) FREE – No Strings Attached!

I’m so sure you’ll love my book that I’m willing to give you a good-sized chunk for free just to whet your appetite. In return, I ask one of two things:

1. When you hit the cliff-hanger, head over to Amazon or Nook and buy my book for just $2.99 to read the ending.


2. If you just can’t spare the $2.99, head over to Amazon or Nook and leave me a review so that other people can see how readers have felt after reading it.

And if you decide you just don’t care to read any more, can I ask you to take a moment to stop by my contact page and leave me some comments so that I can use them while writing my next book? You’ll get to my contact page by clicking here.

Now, here’s the link to the free sample — enjoy! You’ll need Adobe Reader to read it — it’s in PDF format.

CLICK HERE –>  The Floating Man (Excerpt) by William Crawford.